Forbidden Love

The children are in the tub. I eyeball the water level and decide that it is unlikely that either my 4-year-old, or his nearly two-year-old sister will drown in water below their belly buttons while I make a run for the never-there-when-you-need-it bath time staple: a towel.

I hurry to the other room after telling Hadley to yell for me if something happens to his sister.

Hadley: “Mommy! Come quick! It’s Afton!”

Me, while running frantically back to the bathroom, with visions of horror: “Is her head under the water?!?!”


I arrive in the kid’s bathroom to see my toddler rubbing a potty water wash cloth all over her body. Nice.

This isn’t the first affair, either. Last week I was helping my son brush his teeth, and I half-noticed Afton walk behind me in the mirror, with a cup. I thought little of this image, and kept brushing, only to turn around to see my daughter dipping the cup in the toilet! We all know what was narrowly escaped there!

A few months before that I found myself wondering why I didn’t hear my daughter anywhere…you know, I had tried to actually clean something in my house, and before you know it…silence. That is rarely, if ever, good with children or dogs. I check the kids’ bathroom…the door has been opened. No Afton…I run to our master bathroom, holding my breath that I don’t find my 18 month old with her head in the potty.

Was she dead? No. She was brushing her teeth next to the toilet, with water dripping down her precious little arm. The best part? It was her brother’s toothbrush.

Potty locks and door knob covers are no match for the cunning wit of a toddler in love…but I am doing my best to keep her alive. I can’t wait until she figures out a way to reach the toilet paper I have hidden.

2 thoughts on “Forbidden Love

  1. Jessica Lumsden says:

    Lol this is too funny!!! I am lucky, Logan doesn’t get into much yet and is very good about walking away from whatever he was thinking of doing if I tell him no, although I am sure that will all change before too long here.

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