Long Distance Relationships

One of the common challenges of being a mom is not taking time for ourselves.

The balance of motherhood and me-hood is a tough one, and this will come as no surprise to you, I am sure! Over the past few years I have noticed that one aspect of my life has been pushed to the side, in particular. Of course applying makeup, bathing, shaving, and pleasure reading are in the top 10 of things I used to do daily before kids. But one significant activity that has been neglected is my personal devotional time.

I have, at times, felt guilty about this – but several articles that my dad has sent to me have encouraged me to not beat myself up over this missing link. The general idea behind all of the articles that I read is this: What you do as a mother of young children is important. God understands.

God gave you those children and he’s seen it all before. You aren’t the first mother in the history of the world to take a hiatus from quiet time while you get your little people out of diapers (and cabinets, and toilets, and the dishwasher, and…). Of course, it is quite likely that you spend just as much time in prayer, for the same reasons just mentioned!

The biggest challenge I have found is that I am rarely alone-and-seated-and-alert-and-feeling-prayerful all at the same time. If I am, I most likely don’t have my Scriptures near me, and I absolutely don’t have a devotional book. I am finding myself with a itty bitty little bit more time, and a spiritual prompting to encourage other momMEies in their daily walk.

The plan is that I will commit to choosing some devotional topics and books, read them, apply them to momMEhood and post them here in this nice, central, easily attainable spot. I will even email them to you if you sign up for my email list, so that you can read them on your phone while you sit wherever you are with 3 minutes on your hands. Maybe it will give you a few milliseconds of peace.

Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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