How things dig holes in your brain

Today, as I was swinging my two children in our back yard, my son informed me that things that he sees on TV dig a little hole in his brain with a teeny tiny shovel, cover themselves back up, and stay there forever.

Hmm, I thought to myself…hmmm.

Yes, that was true, I agreed. We talked a good while about this, and about how anything we see on TV or in life gets settled into our minds forever – good or bad, happy or scary. It is impressive, for one thing, that he is able to come to that conclusion himself, but also that he was so open to tearing through that thought and building it back up with faith. I dig it.

If any of you out there have never seen the Veggie Tales video “Where is God When I am Scared?” you are missing out. First of all, the best Veggie Tales songs ever are on there – one about throwing Daniel in the Lions Den (or use him as a foot stool, or a table to play scrabble on, or beat him up and tie him up and throw him out of Babylon!), it’s a good time, and my all time favorite: “God is bigger than the Boogie Man!”  We use this song a lot and today it was a help talking about how we can always remember the happy things that are in our mind, especially when something scary or mean creeps out of the little hole it dug for itself.

We had quite the conversation about what is real and pretend, and every time we stopped he would say, “Tell me more about actors and actresses, Mommy!” What a great swing-side chat! What are some of the ways you help your children understand TV and/or being careful what they let dig holes in their brains and stay their forever?

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