Dinosaur Expedition!

This morning’s average stroller walk around the neighborhood took quite an adventurous turn! I sent Hadley to his room to get dressed while I got Afton all ready, and he returned prepared for a dinosaur hunt!

His toy riffle by his side, his tool box – turned adventure tool kit in hand, and clad in his official explorer uniform, Hadley announced that we were on a special mission! We gave up any ideas of strollers and prepared for a hike. After a lively rendition of pre-walk hokey-pokey to get the blood flowing, we flung open the door and I set my children free upon the lost world.

I envisioned a fun game of make believe with imaginary dinosaurs left and right, but as it turns out, we ran into quite a few “dinosaurs” all on our own! The first sighting was a lizard scurrying across the road, which we chased into a driveway – where we found a giant red dragon-fly buzzing about. We talked about how lizards are similar to dinosaurs, but not the same, and that dragon-flies have been around since before the dinosaurs!

Not to much further down the road, we heard a Navy plane roaring overhead, which of course could have been a pterosaur. We looked at turtles in the pond, and kept a watchful eye out for alligators, both dino-times survivors! Finally, as we made our way back home after the inevitable boo boo on our toddler (she was a brave explorer and looked quite stoic…no tears today for our extreme dino hunter, Afton!), we heard a new and unusual bird singing in the trees and remembered that we learned that birds are the closest living relative to dinosaurs!

I never knew what a wild adventure was waiting just outside my front door!

What undiscovered worlds have you run across in your neck of the woods?

Also notice Afton's hiking shirt! My little explorers!

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