Hadley’s Pet Dragon

I have spent my life avoiding the song “Puff, The Magic Dragon” because it ALWAYS makes me cry.
Of course, my three year old son created for himself an imaginary pet dragon, named Lucy. I thought it would quickly pass, but over a year later, we still frequently play with Lucy and tell stories of their grand adventures together. In fact, not only has Lucy stuck around, she has now gained a multitude of friends and acquaintances with whom we regularly play and/or battle.
Sadie, a mouse that can change into a dragon at will – but usually chooses to ride atop her best friend, Lucy’s head; Campfire Birds, a hybrid between birds and bats, that eat tennis shoes, the roofs of houses, and anything else they feel interested in; and Guard Dragons, large green fire breathing dragons that Lucy calls any time she and her friend’s need a little extra defense against the villainous campfire birds. Never a dull moment in our car, I tell ya! 😉
So here ya go…this is one of our stories that lets us make up new endings every time!

Hadley snuggled under the quilt in his bed, as he watched Daddy slowly close the door to his bedroom. The light from the hall crept under the door and the moon dimly lit his floor and walls. He wasn’t afraid of the dark, but sometimes the things in his room looked a little spooky in the moonlight.

“Swoosh” Hadley heard something move past his window. Jumping to his knees, he pulled back the tiniest corner of his curtain to see what might have made a noise like “swoosh” in the dark.
“Ruffle, Ruffle.” Something was under his bed! Diving under his quilt, Hadley started to feel the hair on his arms stand up. He still wasn’t scared, but he thought maybe he’d be safer under his quilt…just in case.
As he was starting to think he might have imagined the noises, Hadley felt something big sit on the edge of his bed! Searching for the courage to yell for help from Mommy and Daddy, he squealed with delight when a big white dragon nose poked under the edge of his quilt!
“Lucy!” Hadley cried, tossing off the quilt, and throwing his arms around the big dragon’s neck. He knew his evening was bound for adventure!
Suddenly, something scurried up Hadley’s pajama leg! Wiggling and giggling, he couldn’t see what it was! “Sasasa…hahaha…Sadie…heeheehee! Stop tickling me, Sadie!” 
“I’m trying to kiss you, silly! So sit still!” A tiny voice exclaimed.
With tiny wet kisses covering his face, Hadley pulled his tiny mouse friend off of his chest and looked her in the eyes. “I have missed you, little friend!”
Lucy plopped her big dragon bottom onto the floor next to Hadley’s bed and let out a giant dragon laugh! “You need a taller bed, Hadley. I am getting much to big to squeeze out from under it.”
“Oh, Lucy!” Hadley pulled his knees up to his chest and hugged them close, “It has been too long since you came to play with me. Where have you been?” His eyes sparkled as he teased his friends, “The campfire birds have been gathering in the woods near my house, and I was afraid I was going to have to fend them off alone! How could you stay away so long in times like this?”
“Campfire birds? Lucy! Did you hear that? Campfire birds!” Sadie’s tail flipped and twirled as the little brown mouse bounced with delight. “We must go at once to defend the sacred woods!”
Lucy chuckled and smiled at her two dear friends, and lumbered to her feet…her wings stretching out to fill the better part of the four year old boy’s bedroom. The curtains puffed up, and the lamp on the bedside table nearly tipped over as the large white dragon wings opened and prepared for flight. “Hop aboard, if your coming! We better get a move on, to get to the campsite before they do.”
Hadley grabbed his house coat and red slippers, and lifted Sadie to her spot on Lucy’s head. He climbed onto his usual spot above the giant white wings and wrapped his arms tightly around Lucy’s thick neck. He nestled his head between her shoulder blades and gave his best friend a quick snuggle before she took flight.

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