60 Days Till Christmas…already????

According to www.xmasclock.com there are, at this moment, 60 days, 7 hours, 36 minutes, and 20 seconds until Christmas! As long as I can remember, my dad has jokingly pointed out how many days there are left until Christmas…starting on the 26th of December…which has always amused me. Now, you can log onto a number of websites and keep track yourself!

If you also enjoy helping your children count down to the big day, which can seem to take it’s sweet time in arriving when you are little, consider joining me this year in an Advent Countdown! I started our own Advent tradition two Christmases ago, when my son was almost 4 (December baby), and my daughter was 18 months old. He is now almost 6 and she is 3 1/2, and already have many treasured memories from our new holiday traditions, thanks to our intentional style of celebrating Advent together.

I have posted earlier versions of our Advent Guide over the last two years, allowing friends and family to test drive it for me, and have been working on self-publishing the Guide as well. This year, I will post suggestions and portions from the guide here, so that you may test it out and help direct the Guide for future editions! The full Guide is too long to post here, but summaries and tips will be posted here, and you will be able to plan your own Advent Countdown Celebration using our suggestions paired with your own favorite holiday traditions. If you would like access to the full Guide to read in your own time, I will provide  links to the e-book version ($.99 – text only) and the paperback version, if you would like to have your own copy with photographs and worksheets.

I will provide sample calendar suggestions for Winchester VA, Bristol VA, and Beaufort, SC in upcoming posts. These will include local activities that you might want to include in your Advent celebrations, if you live in one of these areas. If you live elsewhere, and would like your city or town included, share this post on your Facebook page, get two local friends from your area to agree to consider using the Guide (as posted on this blog), and comment here letting me know that you are interested in a custom calendar for your area. I will post a calendar for your area as soon as possible. (If you live, well, in the middle of no-where – let me know where you live as well as what the nearest large town is). 🙂

I will also periodically provide opportunities to win free e-books and paperback versions. I would love some feedback and participation, so feel free to comment or message me to let me know how the Guide is working for you!

I will begin the Advent Guide series of posts this week, so that you may plan your own celebration well ahead of the Advent season. Thanks for joining me! I hope you and your family enjoy celebrating Christmas in this way, with us!

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