Starting your own family traditions!

Setting the Stage


The Advent season can be one of great excitement and joy for the whole family. It is very easy to spend most of the month of December running between work, parties, and shopping, and to let a great opportunity to teach your children about God slip by you. While these aspects of the Christmas season are valuable and can make wonderful memories for your family by themselves, consider the added benefit of intentionally guiding your children’s little hearts toward a deeper understanding of God’s love for them! If you have small children who are eager to talk about Christmas and presents, you may have perfect pupils for teaching the traditional Christian meaning of the holiday.


With this Advent Celebration Guide, you will have the chance to lead your child’s heart toward the birth of Jesus with joy and wonder. Each week you will focus on a different aspect of this story, circling closer and closer to the central theme of Christmas: the arrival of the Messiah. We will begin with setting the stage, bringing the cast and crew to the front of the theater for a meet and greet. You will have the opportunity to highlight the different aspects of the Christmas Story, using different activities and methods, and giving your child the playbook to follow along.


During the second week, we will learn about God, and who He tells us that He is, using images provided in Scripture to paint a picture of His Character. Your child will enjoy this hands-on experience, taking this second week of the month to make some special memories together before the holiday season starts to buzz with festivity.  The short, simple activities will help your child sort through some of the things they may have heard about God, and better understand some common images of God as portrayed in Scripture.  Using this book as a guide, you will have the opportunity to use the suggestions provided, and to adapt it to express your own understanding and beliefs.


The third week will be geared toward conceptualizing the Messiah. The first several days provide an opportunity to study the Old Testament, and paint a picture of who it is believed that the Israelites were hoping and expecting to see as their Savior. Your child may be given the chance to act out some of these ideas through imaginative play, and through media and planned activities. That will be followed by a few days of studying the person who Scripture tells us that Jesus turned out to be, both as a baby in a manger, and as a grown man making his way toward the cross. Your child can consider how Jesus was different from what was expected, as well as how he fulfilled the prophecies about the Messiah.


Finally, the last few days before Christmas will allow time for treating the holiday as Jesus’ birthday celebration. You and your child will consider what makes birthdays special, as well as reminding them that God loves them very much. So much, in fact, that he sent his son to live among us! Leaving plenty of room for your own favorite traditions, the Guide will help you gently remind your child that, while special in its own way, the celebration of presents from Santa isn’t the only important part of Christmas Day.


Follow along as the full Advent Celebration Guide is shared on BEINGmomME and get a jump on planning your Holiday Season! Using a mix of traditional secular and Christian holiday activities, songs, and crafts, it will be easy to design your own custom Advent Celebration Calendar that fits with your lifestyle. With just a little thoughtful planning and preparation, you can start your own family traditions that will bring your family closer each year as you build memories together!


I would love to know how you find ways to incorporate this Guide, and how you and your family choose to celebrate the Advent Season. Be sure to comment on the various posts to keep the conversation interesting!

One thought on “Starting your own family traditions!

  1. How have you celebrated Christmas in the past, either growing up or with your own children? Share some of your favorite traditions to help us get more creative as a community! My favorite – so far – is making our own ornaments for our tree. 🙂

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