Happy Frankenstorm!

Well, friends, as it is uncertain how our little corner of the world in Northern Virginia will be affected by Hurricane Sandy, there may or may not be posts about the Advent Guide for the next couple of days. A little smile for you, though…while hanging out at home waiting for the storm, we have coined a few new phrases for our familiy:

Faux Five: High five without touching, so as to not continue spreading the cold cooties we have been passing around for the past week

Hunker Games: What you call playing “inside” games during severe weather ;P

If you are in the storm’s path – stay safe!! This is my son in his hunker hole, which is his new bunk bed without mattresses on it yet. Image

They also have been working on drinking directly out of our clementines. 🙂


Happy Frankenstorm!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Frankenstorm!

  1. I had to laugh at all those straws coming from that little orange! 🙂

    I hope Sandy passes you by with little disruption and damage. Stay safe in your Hunker Holes.

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