The Big Picture

Fellow planners, this is the full calendar for the advent guide! This will give you the big picture of what some of the activities are in the guide, as well as a starting point for planning your calendar. You are free to work these activities in around the activities that you have been planning over the last few posts, and use them in whatever way seems most helpful to your family.

In following posts, each of these days and activities will be explained in more detail, with additional ideas, recipes, songs, and suggestions. This is just a starting point – I will post our personal calendar soon, so you can get a better idea of how you could customize this for your holidays, but for now, simply read over the ideas listed here. Enjoy!


Since this image is a bit hard to read, this may make it easier 😉

Day 1

Note # 25

Introduce Advent Calendar and read Nativity Story #1. Focus on Mary and Joseph.

Open Mary and Joseph characters


Day 2

Note # 24

Open animal characters and barn.

Act out story with characters or dress up and roll play.


Day 3

Note # 23

Read Nativity Story #2 and focus on the angels.

Make angel ornaments


Day 4

Note # 22

Go pick out Real Christmas Tree or put up artificial tree.

Hang angel ornaments.


Day 5

Note # 21

Read Nativity Story #3 and focus on the Shepherds.

Open Shepherds and Sheep.

Roll Play Sheep protection


Day 6

Note # 20

Open Jesus and manger character.

Take a trip to a local petting farm and meet the animals


Day 7

Note # 19

Read Nativity Story #4 and focus on the Wise Men.

Open Wise Men Characters.

Star Gaze at home.

Take a trip to planetarium.


Day 8

Note # 18

Shelter From Storm

Make Gingerbread House


Day 9

Note # 17


Put up lighted decorations

Donate Gifts


Day 10

Note # 16


Blindfold Game



Day 11

Note # 15


Clay Play


Day 12

Note # 14

Binder of Wounds

Doctor Play


Day 13

Note # 13


Block Play


Day 14

Note # 12


Have a playdate with good friends



Day 15

Note # 11

Discuss Messianic Prophecies, Isaiah 9: 6-7


Day 16

Note # 10

Examples of previous leaders: Moses, Joshua

Watch Narnia

Reenactment of Battle



Day 17

Note # 9

Go Caroling

Host Caroling Party



Day 18

Note # 8

Anointed One: Messiah

Read stories of Saul and David from Children’s’ Bible



Day 19

Note # 7

Jesus Baptism

Matthew 3:1-17 or John 1:29-34



Day 20

Note # 6

Jesus Ministry

Sermon On Mount, Man Lowered Through Roof, Jesus and the Children



Day 21

Note # 5

Either Miracles of Jesus (younger kids)

Or Crucifixion/


(Older kids)



Day 22

Note # 4

Make birthday cards for Jesus.



Day 23

Note # 3

God Made You Special Day

Psalm 139:13



Day 24

Note # 2

Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday by baking cookies

Happy Birthday, Jesus



Day 25

Note # 1

Christmas Day!

Rise and Shine

Happy Planning!

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