Thankful Month

Love this idea! I have joined in the thankfulness fun on Facebook this year, but should do this with the kids. I am looking for ways to help the kids understand Thanksgiving, and I think this is a fantastic way to start! Let me know if you decide to try this, too!

Heart Journey Weblog

When Halloween was over I needed to refocus the kids on something else (not that it’s worked, but I’m trying). So I talked to them about Thanksgiving and we read our “What is Thanksgiving” book by Michelle Medlock Adams. Then I showed them a calendar (I really need to start incorporating that into our lessons!) and we talked about how many days there were until Thanksgiving.

I then suggested that we make a paper chain to help us count down. The kids helped me cut strips of construction paper and link them together in a pattern (Pattern Power!). We hung it in a spot in the living room that we would see often to remind us to remove a link each day.

We then took our first link off and I suggested we write something they are thankful for on the paper. They immediately said they were thankful for each…

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