Who is God?

For the sake of brevity here, we are going to assume that you have already bought into the Christian understanding of God, as laid out in Scripture. Now that we more or less know where YOU stand…do you know where your child stands? If your kiddo is a preschooler, you may be surprised to discover what they have incorporated into their concept of God. 


It is easy to take for granted that your child understands who God is and what His role is in our lives as a part of His creation. Take some time, during this second week of Advent, to ask your child questions about how they understand God and teach them a little more about His character by discussing these verses from scripture and playing the games to put the concepts in language they can understand.


God has provided us with many images of His character in the Bible. Some that lend themselves to easy expression to small children are listed here, though many more can be found. These are some ideas for images of God and Jesus that can be incorporated into holiday traditions. 


I should add that it drives me nuts to see things like candy canes with notes that say that they were originally intended to represent the blood of Christ, the purity of redemption, and the Great Shepherd’s staff. They weren’t. BUT you can use this candy, that happens to be shaped like a shepherd’s staff, to remind your child of those things…or anything you want. You can take the opportunity to do things like use the time honored tradition of gingerbread house building to have fun and to talk to your child about God’s character…like this…





For the record, it was a lot of fun making this cardboard and clay version last year…but it was a BLAST for the kids to use gingerbread graham crackers, icing, and marshmallow gingerbread people our first year. The houses aren’t as durable in the long-run, and the kids end up sugared up and a sticky mess…but it was on their skill level at the time. I think this year we may tackle a “real” gingerbread house…maybe. Just remember to keep it on their level and fun. Beauty can come later. 😉 


Have you ever attempted to make a gingerbread house? How’d it go? 

Have you already had your child ask you some question revealing their concept of God? What was it? How’d it go? 

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