What is your favorite Holiday song?


My favorite job as a teenager, and into college, was working at Hallmark. I loved the cards, the random gifts, the joy of letting my OCD nature run wild sorting the miscellaneous left-over envelope drawer…what’s not to love about a Hallmark store, really?


I especially loved the Christmas music playing throughout the holiday season, and looking at all of the awesome and unique ornaments every year. My favorite Christmas songs, to this day, are these two that I first heard there…follow the links to hear them, yourself. 😉

One Little Christmas Tree

Stevie Wonder

12 Days of Christmas

John Denver & The Muppets




I hope that those brightened your day a little bit and that you are ready to jump into the Advent Season in a few days!!! Tomorrow I will post the link to the e-book version of the Advent Guide, so that you are able to download the Guide easily for daily use.




Day 25

Christmas Day!!!


Since you are well rested and eager to start the day’s festivities (wink, wink), here are a few ideas for your Christmas Day traditions. Of course, the very best thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to sit back and enjoy the morning frenzy, drink coffee, and watch your children enjoy their new gifts. If you feel compelled to do something more, however, consider these ideas:


  • Choose some of your favorite breakfast dishes (ahead of time, of course) to have every year as your traditional Christmas Morning fare.
  • Open one gift, stockings, or unwrapped gifts from Santa, and then wait to open the rest until after breakfast (good luck with that!)
  • Invite extended family members or friends over to the house in the afternoon to enjoy a laid back visit and playdate.
  • Allow kids to tear into all gifts as soon as everyone wakes up and THEN have a yummy breakfast and playdate! (This is what we do.) 😉

Wrapping It Up



Take time to help your child write the appropriate thank you notes on the 26th to their friends/family for any gifts they received. Talk about having a grateful heart, to God for sending His son, and to their loved ones for giving gifts to show how much they love him or her, too.


Consider saving some gifts from your children, or your family, to others for the time after Christmas. You can give your loved ones a head’s up that they won’t be getting them “on time” if you want. Talk to your child about the twelve days of Christmas, and that for some people, the season of celebration begins after the holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ. Watch the Muppets and John Denver sing the infamous 12 Days of Christmas song and maybe you will find a new holiday favorite, as well!


What is your favorite holiday song of all time? Something traditional? Cheesy? Silly? We’d love for you to share it here!


Come back tomorrow for our final Advent Guide post! 😉



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