Ta-Da! Your very own copy of the Advent Guide AWAITS!

So today is the big day, right? Did any of you start your Advent Calendar Countdown today?

The plan, on my end, is to post pics of what really goes on at our house when we do our Advent activities. 😉 My goal when starting projects with the little people is to help them have fun, and try my best to have fun too…and not to focus on perfection.

Today, I provide you with the link to the ebook! It may be purchased for $3.99 – and the first five people to like this blog entry will receive a coupon code for a free copy!


Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

making gb houses


6 thoughts on “Ta-Da! Your very own copy of the Advent Guide AWAITS!

  1. If anyone has not gotten their email regarding their coupon for their free copy of The Advent Guide, please email me at annacumbow@gmail.com and I will be sure that you get it. I have sent the coupons to the email accounts listed on your Gravatar page, when possible.

    There is still one free eBook coupon left! Let me know if you want it! ;_

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