Mary, the pregnant donkey, and other manger scene buddies…

One of the churches in our area provides the public a free walking tour Live Nativity every year. This was our first time, and I have to say, they do a pretty good job with it!


There was a hayride from a shopping center parking lot..after a bit of a wait in line, but not too is Hadley being silly while we wait “patiently” –


During the hayride, we were intercepted and followed by “Roman soldiers” on horseback inquiring about our intentions. The kids thought that was pretty awesome.



Once we arrived in the Battlefield park we had a guided walking tour through 10 reenactment scenes, including Angels, the Holy family, sheep, camels, and yes…even a pregnant donkey named Mary.



I loved it, and for the most part, I think the kids thought it was pretty neat…my only regret was informing them at the outset that there would be cookies and hot chocolate to be had. Every three or four minutes on the tour, Hadley whispered up to me, “Mommy, where are the cookies? I thought there were going to be cookies?” When we finally arrived at the hospitality tent at the end, the nice lady at the front of the cookie table told my children they could have as many cookies as they wanted. Hmmm…not sure that was a good plan. lol (They remind me of the Herdmans in this picture. 😉 )



The good news for them is, they got to have a wonderful first holiday adventure…and the good news for me?…they were plum tuckered out. This little human turns into the Tazmanian Devil’s evil twin sister most night’s at bedtime…and any night that she falls asleep without bouncing off the walls is good for me. 😉



I hope that your first few countdown days went well! Let me know how it goes!

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