The Seat of my Pants


I love a good plan. I mean, I really enjoy spending time laying out a moment by moment itinerary for my life. I start thinking about birthday party themes for my kids two months ahead of time. I schedule Advent activities before Halloween. I make lists in my mind while going to sleep at night. Not having a plan makes me anxious.


If you have a plan, you can be sure to have the supplies that you need. You can do crafts, perform science experiments, take trips…you can be on the ball. Heck, you can make a ball…we did yesterday. (You can find the recipe on several sites, but this is a good one.)




I don’t, however, particularly like carrying out those plans. It’s nice to know that I could, at any moment,  jump into whatever activity we have on the books…but I spend a good deal of time  flying by the seat of my pants. Today was one of those days.


We were supposed to make Angel ornaments…we had already read the day’s Advent Note, and we had a plan.


But then, I rinsed and cut our celery stalks for snack time, and found myself faced with two beautiful potential celery stamps. I envisioned my children making adorable red and green wreaths on card stock, to be mailed out lovingly to our family and friends…and I was sold.


Change of plans.


I tossed the kids into some paint friendly clothing, and gave them a little demo so they would know how to use the celery stamps.


Hadley ate some.




Then they started stamping elegant designs on their papers.




Then they covered their entire paper, the paint plates, and their arms with red and green paint.


IMG_1602 IMG_1603


Hmmm…new plan again. We need redirection.


SO, we headed outside barefoot and in summer paint clothes in December, to spray paint our pumpkins that were still on the porch. A neighbor did this and inspired me…they will be enhanced later, but this was the first step.




Well, my dogs came with us and one of them got into the trash container and ate chicken wings with the bones in them. Nice. I took Afton inside with me to give the dog some Metamucil to cushion the bones he just ate, leaving Hadley with clear instructions NOT to paint ANYTHING besides his pumpkin while I am gone.


He didn’t. But he DID roll it off of the plastic we were using, down to the sidewalk to spray the bottom of it. This is us ankle-deep in freezing cold soap and water, scrubbing the walkway. It came off.




Then we went to the tub to kick the hypothermia. No one died (so far).


I decided to return to the previously scheduled programming after that.


The night ended with Afton playing the part of the Angel of the Lord in our Nativity set, and announcing to the Holy family and onlookers that she needed the baby back. 😉


There are rarely dull moments in our house, the Direct TV installation dude told Afton today that someday a hurricane would be named after her. He’s probably right. The kids can act like wild monkeys, running rampant through the house…and a good plan helps keep everyone sane.


But not today.


The day didn’t go as planned. It went better. As long as you don’t mind a little organized chaos, sometimes the seat of your pants is a nice way to fly.

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