The Juicy Details

Today was a full day.


What you see in this picture, aside from an incredibly unflattering angle of my face, is a conglomeration of various and sundry activities.

We are all recovering from the flu, which means that we have spent a good deal of time feeling horrible and laying around watching TV, taking turns sleeping and dragging ourselves around maintaining life in as minimal a way as possible.

Today was that day when everyone feels well enough to WANT to do something more interesting, and boring won’t cut it…but activities quickly disintegrate into hysteria in one or more individuals.

Let’s start on the left, shall we? This is Hadley eating a carrot that never made it into the juicer you can’t quite see in the background. We are attempting our second journey into the world of juicing with small children. They haven’t loved the “recipes” so far, including basically whatever fruits and veggies we happen to have on hand. In fact, I am actually still recovering from a juicing related injury from a few nights ago.

Granted, flu recovery periods should most likely go under the category of “don’t feed your kids strange new things”…but where’s the fun in that? If we had waited until her tummy was balanced and ready for new experiences, we wouldn’t have had the joy of seeing her toss the aforementioned “cookies,” or her brother proceed to follow suit. I wouldn’t have had the joy of slipping and nearly killing myself while cleaning up, and we wouldn’t have had any good reason to play doctor today.

This leads us to the next tiny human you see before you. That little white square on her forehead? That’s the leftover from the incredibly thorough game of doctor we played today. In effort to help me recover from my injuries, Hadley and Afton supplied me with three band-aids, three gauze wraps, an ace bandage, and a hand splint. During this exercise, using Hadley’s “unexpected” bag/medical kit, he asked me when the unexpected was ever going to happen. 🙂 I replied that we don’t know. If we knew…it wouldn’t be unexpected. And no one was here to witness my witty response…isn’t that always the way it goes?

You may also notice the Crayola marker butterfly tattoo that my three year old is sporting, and yes, I am a tiger. Thank you for noticing.

The juicing was particularly rewarding. We decided to make an experiment out of our snack and taste each individual juice before adding it to our final recipe pot. We formed hypotheses regarding our favorite juices, and charted our feelings about each juice as we went along. See exhibit “C” (for chart 😉 ) on the cabinet in the background.


I was surprised a number of times by each of our different reactions to the flavors. I totally thought we would all love the celery juice. I thought that we would all choke down the yellow bell pepper. I never saw it coming that my daughter would steal half of the beet and eat it before I could shove it in the machine (thus the vampire look she’s sporting here). It was a mixed crowd all the way around. Just about the only thing we agreed on was that oranges should DEFINITELY be peeled prior to juicing. Whew.

I also learned the lesson that fresh juices, even in small amounts, when they stay in your children long enough to be digested,

provide you with very energetic little humans. I can’t even tell you what we did after the juicing because they moved so fast for

the next two hours, all I could see were the streaks of light as they ran by. Add a 10 week old golden retriever and an aging

border collie to the mix, and I can tell you that I am ready for bed.

Once again, it is 10pm on a Friday night and it is about all I can do to stay awake waiting for my other half to return from work. We live a wild life. I’d tell you we live in a zoo…but you already know that. You can tell by the look on my face – or at least the tiger stripes!


(P.S. Please ignore the bizarre spacing in this post. WordPress hates me tonight, apparently. There comes a point where you just have to admit defeat and go with it.)

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