No really, she totally would have said that…

“Do you hear voices in your head like that all the time?” Wondered my husband from the dining room. I’m not sure if he leaned more toward teasing or true concern.


I was lying on the floor in the living room with our new puppy, Hazel, and having quite the one-sided/two-voiced conversation.


I laughed and said “No!” of course, but ya know…after some thought…I really do. As a result of the combination of having dogs my entire life, and spending a considerable amount of time with preverbal humans, I can spend hours (if not days) providing vocabulary and allowing them to speak vicariously through me. I can supply nearly endless entertainment for myself with sarcastic or otherwise amusing banter based off of the behavior and expressions of these little critters.


Add that to the newly acquired habit of self-narrating my life as it happens, thanks to the ever-present possibility of a clever blog post or status update, and I probably qualify for a psychiatric label.


Hazel and I have developed a strong level of communication, actually. As I have said before, we clearly speak the same love language…but she has a much toothier dialect. 😉 I just wish I could find some way to let her know that since I don’t have a thick coat of fur covering my entire body, I do not actually enjoy our time pondering the meaning of life in the front yard, in the dark, in 16 degree weather. I mean, COME ON. It’s a good thing she makes up with it in cuddles…





I’m off to snuggle me some puppy!

2 thoughts on “No really, she totally would have said that…

  1. I love it. Actually, we all have internal conversations all the time, and there’s a completely non-psychotic way to understand that. I’ll tell you about it when we’re together. Pa

    • Yeah, I don’t really think I’m crazy. At least not bc of that. 😉 I’m always up for interesting conversation though! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 🙂

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