Meteorologist Eeyore’s forecast for the Cumbow house today

Forecast for the Cumbow house, Sunday, February 3, 2013:


Sonrise: early. This is due, we hypothesize, to the early daughter activity.


Internal temperatures hovering around 100, with a whine factor of 66.


Chance of Eye Precipitation, 80%, with increase of likelihood in the late afternoon and evening.


Visibility expected to be very low, as a result of accumulation of small children on horizontal surfaces. Sitting down is not recommended.


In other news, the snowfall outside seems to have ushered in dueling K9 tornadoes. Sightings are expected to continue throughout the day.


The following precautions are recommended, if you plan to be in the region:


Find a safe place to hide, and take your cover. Be sure to prepare a supply of caffeinated beverages to sustain you, and easy to peel citrus to protect you from flying germs and other infectious debris.


Feel free to post weather updates or photos from “your neck of the woods.”

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