My take home message

What is MY take home message for my children?

I have been mulling over this topic for over a year now, trying to identify what lessons I truly want my children to walk away with as adults. I have pondered where my ideals have originated, who has instilled good or honorable traits in my life, and how to pass those qualities on to my children.

This will be a short (probably, anyway) series of my thoughts as I find myself faced with new opportunities to teach my children to grow in Grace. Every once in a while I run into a fork in the road, where I must choose how I will live, and how I want my children to see me live.

I decided that first I would recount what lessons have been most significant for me from my own parents. There are the obvious lessons that jump out at me, like that the roadways are the slipperiest when it first starts to rain. Or that, in general, nothing good typically happens after midnight (when you are growing up, anyway).

I have narrowed the most significant down, however, and here they are…in no particular order:

I am special to my parents. This is one of the most significant and deeply encouraging gifts that they could give me. I am loved for who I am. If there is one single gift that I could give to my children, it would be that they know, without hesitation, that I love them NO. MATTER. WHAT.

God made me special…just like He made EVERYONE else special. My parents have taught me to value people as people, and beautiful creations of God. I want to raise my children to see that we are all the same on the inside- we are all special to God. We should treat each other with kindness and respect.

Each pot must sit on its own bottom. This appears to be a bit of a learning curve for us, lol. Learning how to be a grown up and work hard to survive- not to get “stuff” but just to stand on your own two feet. They have taught me the value of any work, and that we shouldn’t be “above” whatever meeds to be done. That there is value in raising children, there is value in janitorial work, in sales, in being the best WHATEVER that you can be. Bloom where you are planted, and do your best to keep your pot on its own bottom. When all else fails I’m still loved and I can try again.

I understand that. Get in the car. That is one simple sentence that my dad spoke to me one random day in my teenage years. I was complaining about not wanting to go and do whatever it was we were going and doing. I protested and probably was a bit of a whiney brat…fortunately I have blocked that part out. šŸ˜‰ Once I had given my convincing argument about why I didn’t want to go he said, “I understand that. Get in the car.” I got in the car. I also took that memory with me. Sometimes you just have to do things that you don’t like. That’s life. It won’t kill you.

The worse it is today, the better story it makes tomorrow. This is true on so many levels. It has gotten me through many a tough spot in life. Being a person who loves to tell a good story, seeing the story come to be can make the suffering much more easily endured.

Everything looks good when you can’t have it. We can thank my parents’ early dating life for that one. šŸ˜‰ It is a simple truth, but can change the way you gaze longingly over the fence at greener pastures. I want to teach my children to be content- not to give up dreams and goals- but to be happy with who they are and where they are, and not be in a constant state of discontent.

There are more to come, but, well…it’s after midnight. I better go to bed. šŸ˜‰

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