New Series: People I’d like to be “when I grow up”…Interview with Bucket List Publications

Lesley Carter
Fearless World Explorer
There are so many of you, and so many others that I know, who have achieved amazing goals while balancing things like, well – you know – parenthood. I am frequently amazed by the stories that I hear of adventure and life exploration. You who are roaming the world, doing any number of interesting and valuable things: checking off your bucket lists; building clinics in Africa; photographing the mundane in ways that baffle the mind; raising a half-dozen kids while homeschooling them, and having them turn out pretty darn great; working mothers and SAH-Daddies who see beyond societies shallow views of parenthood…cooking all of your (organic, probably homegrown) food from absolute scratch…
You inspire me to continue to dream and to see our fleeting time here on earth as an adventure for the taking. Even if we all go in different directions, keeping up with the lives of others is incredibly inspiring and can bring us closer together as a human race. There are visitors to this page from 26 different countries, as of today. How incredible would it be to get to know each other a little bit better, and to encourage each other as we follow our dreams and balance our lives?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Lesley Carter, Dream Achiever and World Explorer Extraordinaire.
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She is the Author and Creator of Bucket List Publications, through which she sees the world and checks off her own (and other’s) Bucket Lists.You can read more about her story and goals on her website, specifically about her current challenge – to win The My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition!
Check out this post, to learn more about her personal reasons for competing in this contest, and vote for her by following THIS LINK to support her and spread the word all at once! It only takes a second, and think of all of the adventures you can read about on her blog, if she wins the prize of a 6 MONTH, 6 CONTINENT, ALL EXPENSES PAID ADVENTURE (With her choice of Destinations!!) AND $50,000!!!
Why vote for her? Well, if you don’t feel like you have quite enough reason after checking out those three links, you have the benefit of a few bonus tidbits of information through this interview!
She is an incredibly interesting and inspiring human, and I can’t wait to hear about her next big adventure. Help me Help her!!
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~What was your first moment when you knew that you would spend your life dedicated to pushing your limits and seeing the world?

When I was a child, I played airline attendant and explorer rather than dress-up and dolls. The passion to see, explore, and experience more was always there. Even at 8 years old, I planned a trip for my brother and me to fly and see my aunts who lived in a different province. I went as far as contacting the airline to see if we could travel alone. It’s in my blood.

~Have you found a spot that is your favorite – one that you revisit, or keep in your back pocket as a happy place?

Fiji! The culture, the people, the food, the activities, the way of life… it is all dreamlike.

~What about a last hold out bucket list location? Is there anywhere that you are saving for a special or rainy day? Why?

I haven’t been on an African Safari yet and it’s been lingering on my list. It always seems to get pushed for some reason or another but I hope to change that this year.

~Since the arrival of your little Athena, I know that you have chosen a more mellow, family friendly home base. How has this addition to your adventure crew changed your outlook? Does she tag along, learning the ropes, or do you have plans to include her later in life?

Athena will be a year next month, but it hasn’t slowed us down or deterred us from adventure/travel. This year we moved across the country, traveled to 9 different states, visited Canada and Fiji, swam with whale sharks, piloted a helicopter, glider, airplane, and biplane, went white-water rafting, explored waterfalls, and took surf lessons. These are just the adventures I can think of off the top of my head. Athena will be part of my travels and adventures. Rather than completely changing my life because I have a child, I find ways to incorporate her into it. She’s my sidekick. I want to teach her that we can live a life without restrictions and we are only limited by our imagination.

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~I was impressed to read about the sacrifices you have chosen to make as a family. Though, you may not consider them sacrifices when you know the rewards that their absence provides. What is something that you miss, or keep for very special occasions?

I guess I just don’t view those things like most people do. I don’t miss make-up because I never used it… ever. I don’t miss fancy clothes because I have them; I just get them from second-hand stores. I enjoy searching for a good bargain or finding vintage, unique clothes. My hair is long so asking my husband to snip off the ends really doesn’t require a lot of effort and it’s free! As for a night out, we love movies but prefer to watch them at home. We don’t need to get someone else to watch Athena and we don’t need to sit in a theater with others. I actually think it’s better at home. Plus, we have a theater-like popcorn maker and we can put as much or as little butter as we like. Even if I was a millionaire, I would still live my life the exact same way.

~If you do win this contest, how do you envision your life changing?

This contest will change everything! Personally and professionally, it is the biggest event that could happen in my life. Travel has been as much a part of my life as family and friends. Experiencing new countries, cultures, and adventures is addictive and the knowledge you gain from first-hand experience is beyond anything you could ever learn from a textbook. This is my opportunity to make Bucket List Publications one of the top travel blogs in the world while experiencing everything I’ve ever dreamed of in life. Just talking about it gives me chills. I have a wild, vast imagination but this is greater than that! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

~What dreams do you have tucked away for your Bucket List Publications from here on out?

I envision Bucket List Publications being as well-known as Travel & Leisure and I believe that I can make it happen. In 1.5 years, I’ve gained 16,022,263 page views and 58,661 followers; imagine what I can do it 10 years!

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences,” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Lesley, thank you for taking time to give us a little more information about who you are and why this competition is such a game changer for you. I sincerely hope that you win.

Win big and post often!!

12 thoughts on “New Series: People I’d like to be “when I grow up”…Interview with Bucket List Publications

    • Thanks! And I concur!!! Go Lesley go! I love her video, too…really shows great personality! It’s kind of funny how excited You can be cheering on someone you have never met, but I love her blog and her outlook on life. 🙂 Go Lesley!!

      • Lesley is all about having the experiences now most of us put off so we can pursue material gain, hoping to have the chance to buy the time/experiences later in life. A good choice she’s making I think! Do it now.

      • I completely agree. We are trying to change course it that direction. One step at a time!

        Your site looks really interesting. Can’t wait to finish checking it out (after the little people go to sleep)! 😉

      • Same here! Having little ones myself means having to work for corporate America to pay the bills, but hopefully someday I can get off the treadmill myself. Or at least retire some place tropical :).

        Thanks for giving us a peek, we’re all about getting folks to see stuff off the beaten path, which is why Lesley’s adventures struck such a chord with me. Hopefully we can find a way to sponsor her to defray her costs somehow.

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