New Series: Deep Thought Thursdays…


I’ll have to go into the back story another day, but for tonight, I am going to lay out a little bit of our family’s current speed bumps. Actually, you can get a pretty good dose of that reading my New Years Eve post from this past December. I had hoped (but not too much) that this year would be a calmer one than last year…but so far it has been quite a busy first 3 months of 2013.


So far, we have decided to pull Hadley out of school due to his learning challenges, and to have him tested through the school system for any disabilities. He did qualify for special education assistance due to the discrepancy between his high intelligence and his low performance with language arts and any reading related math. We were actually very happy about that, because that helps up figure out how to best help him learn…I mean we have known that he had trouble with reading and writing for several years, so figuring out where the disconnect was for him was actually hugely exciting.


So many things made more sense when we were told that he has trouble translating what he sees to what his brain understands, as well as trouble with the speed at which his brain processes things. His difficulty with hand- eye coordination and the fact that it takes a million years (or at least it feels that way) to complete some commands…like put on your seat belt, or shoes, or go brush your teeth…or whatever. It made sense…and it was expected. We were relieved.


When we took him for his neurologist appointment to find out if he might have dyslexia or dysgraphia, and to finally get an official diagnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome, which we have also suspected for over a year, the diagnosis was fully expected. Great news. Not having a name for something doesn’t make it go away, it just keeps you from understanding it. I was also happy to have been right…I like to be right.


However, when the doctor suggested we have an MRI and a full testing work up at Children’s Hospital in DC…for Autism Spectrum Disorder…and other such things…


Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.


That’s something other people’s kids have…not Hadley. He’s totally normal.


Ok…well…except for the learning disabilities…and the Tourette’s business…and his surprisingly poor coordination…and apparently, as you just pointed out Dr., his lack of eye contact and normal conversation skills…


But, to be fair, the table you asked him to jump off of was especially high, and…well…you are like almost 8 feet tall, so one might naturally suspect that it would take 5 minutes to make eye contact when you entered the room like a towering beanstalk…(I love this Dr., though, just to make that clear)…


and…yes, he does have some trouble with joining in with groups of people, and his teacher did score him as a 90 for atypicality…but aren’t lots of kids like that? Aren’t they the one’s that love science and join the chess team? Cause, let me tell ya…this kid loves some science…


It was pretty difficult to process – not that it is any more of a challenge to accept than TS…it was just unexpected. I had been waiting to be told he had Tourette’s for a year and a half!


As the days have gone by (all, what, four of them?) we have had some time to think through all of this and consider his symptoms and personality a little more in that light. We don’t have any idea whether or not he will be diagnosed with ASD, or anything else of that sort, but we have had some traits jump out at us. It reminds me of the TV series we have been getting into…Psych…where the lead guy sees seemingly insignificant things in his surroundings, and is able to solve elaborate mysteries pretending to be psychic. It’s very entertaining, actually.


So when this guy takes note of a detail, or recalls it in his mind, the viewer sees the detail highlighted so we can keep up with the plot. That is what I feel like has been going on for the past four days. So many aspects of Hadley’s personality have been glaring at me, and terms from his school evaluation have been running through my mind: perseveration…arm flapping…jumping up and down…atypicality…highly intelligent…


I’d love to show you a clip of this from Psych…but it’s really just too much trouble tonight. Apparently, the show is too funny to put anything but gag reels on YouTube. 🙂


So anyway, then tonight at Cici’s he didn’t win the toy he wanted from the coin machine, and he had a Max Braverman worthy meltdown. He’s had a few this year, but for heaven’s sake it has been a tough year for all of us. Give the kid a break, right?


I’d also put a clip of Max losing it over the Torpedo Burger, or whatever it was that was no longer on the menu at their favorite burger joint…but alas, it is also too hard to find so late at night. It has been a long day.


I can, however, find this quote from Facebook. It made me laugh, and has been helping me over the past few weeks while all of this has been going down. (While I wear this stupid heart monitor for a month, and wait for a sleep study, and wait to have a better idea of whether or not I have POTS or something else, and to see whether or not I have Ehler’s Danlos – especially the kind that makes you just fall over dead in your 30’s, and while I am trying to figure out homeschooling and what that looks like for our family…and a bunch of other junk I don’t even feel like explaining at midnight.) So here ya go. Of course, the profane one is the only things I have been able to find tonight. On Maundy Thursday. But hey, I hear that people who use profanity are more trustworthy. So, there. Now you know you can trust me. 😉





Don’t bother being offended. I’ll be saying plenty of nice things about God in the next few days. Just join me in thinking this is pretty stinking hilarious. 😉


Good night all.

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