Tall Tale Tuesdays: My kids have been possessed by aliens.


It’s just about the only possible explanation.


Yesterday, I had this conversation with my son (quite possibly the sweetest thing he has ever said!) :


Hadley: Eww. Princesses. (looking at his sister’s headphones that I suggested he use)

Me: Come on. Your sister LOVES princesses. And you love your sister, right?

H: Well, YEAH. But I love her because of the things that she IS, not because of the things that she HAS.

M: That was a good one. Can you just use the headphones anyway? I don’t want you to wake her up. She feels bad (ly).



And then, tonight, my daughter said these words, as she hopped out of my lap: 


“I’m going to bed.” …and then she DID.


Is it too soon to call in MIB? I mean, I know there’s not much evidence…but these can’t be my children. Ok…it might be Hadley…but I’m pretty sure Afton has been sold on the intergalactic black market.


Or maybe I’ve just seen one too many Ben 10 episodes with Hadley lately…hard to say.




On another note..there are signs of life – and spring – in our little corner of the earth!


photo (9)



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