Spot cleaning

natures miracleI believe you have had a chance to become familiar with my feelings on washing dishes.


I really don’t hate all kinds of cleaning, though. In fact, there are many things about cleaning that I happen to adore. Having OCD leanings, as I do, my heart just feels happy getting lost in the redundancy of certain tasks. Spot cleaning the carpet is one of those things. Organizing greeting card envelopes is another, but that is a story for another day…


When I plop myself down in the middle of the floor with a scrubber and a gallon of carpet cleaner, I can fade away into happy cleaning and deep thoughts. It is immediately gratifying. See spot. Clean spot. See spot. Clean spot.


Every few minutes I scoot backwards over to a new area (the issue with yoga pants and the lack of a belt comes into play here also, but for some reason it just doesn’t bother me as much) and work my way around the living room and dining room. Why is there carpet in the dining room, you may wonder? I can only assume that the previous owners of the house did not have small children. Who does that?


I can’t tolerate 10 minutes of washing dishes, but leave me alone in a room with a spotted carpet for two hours and I’m a happy girl. Granted, I’m no miracle worker…and the bottle may say “Nature’s Miracle” but I’d say there’s a good deal of wishful thinking there. I don’t have a magic wand, but I also don’t have giant stains on my carpet anymore either. If you are wondering why I had them to being with, you have not met my children. Or my dogs. 😉


Then I spent an hour chopping veggies for a slow cooker broth, and another hour wondering if I’ll ever fall asleep tonight. It’s starting to look hopeful…and it’s only 2am. If I start now I’ll beat last night by nearly two hours!


The house is still a disaster, of course…but the spots are gone, and that makes me happy.




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