Advent Guide 2013

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving 2013. For the past two years I have been sick from about Thanksgiving through January. It’s a talent. This year I am GOING to be healthy if it kills me. I refuse to get sick. So don’t breathe on me. 😉   smashwordscover2013If you would like to freshen up on the advent guide posts that I provided last year, all of the information in the Guide is included, you just can’t access it as easily as the downloadable or printable versions. I have been busy this year and haven’t edited the POD version of the Advent Guide yet, but hope to get around to it in the next few days, because I really like to have the book to hold. It is nice to not get on the computer more often than necessary while we are celebrating, in effort to create a more unique and ‘special’ atmosphere for the holidays.   I have, however, updated the text only ebook version. If you would like to be able to download the ebook, it is available on Smashwords for $3.99, and FREE for the first 5 people that SHARE this post either on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or with an email announcement to your circle of friends that may be interested in joining in on the fun! Simply like and share this post, then comment to let me know and I will give you your very own coupon code for your free copy.   Soon we will have a version available with the photos, but not today. 😉 christmas paper houses Of course, I have some new ideas for making our own calendar again this year. Wouldn’t want to make it easy on myself and use one of the previous three years’ calendars. 😉 I momentary considered the $1 felt calendar at Target this week, but I actually really enjoy crafting…and I feel cheated if I don’t allow myself to pick a new project each year. So, here is one more suggestion for a fun advent calendar to create this year, if you want to follow along. 🙂 I like to have a calendar that makes is clear to my little people that the days are disappearing and the big day is creeping up, so I am holding off on the one piece calendars with pockets, doors, or drawers. I have done three styles of calendars so far: foam pocket ornaments (these are the original directions in the guide), traditional chain links, and handmade scrapbook notes folded as envelopes with notes inside. We have a ton of holiday scrapbook paper from some previous craftiness, so this year we are going to make paper houses. calendar with houses   I will cut the paper, write the advent notes on the ‘wrong side’ of the paper, fold them into houses, and number them. We will then proceed to organize them in the appropriate order and open one each day. I’m hoping that it turns out as adorable as I imagine…but you know how that goes, if you have ever tried to recreate something you saw on Pinterest. I will post photos for you all to feel thoroughly inspired by (or mock 😉 ) as soon as I actually get it done. I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving this year. I know…so unlike me. But I’ve been busy turning pumpkins and the cardboard that our new window came in (you may recall the grouse incident) into traditional Thanksgiving decorations. In fact, I’ll leave you with that. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your holiday, and I look forward to hearing about how you plan to incorporate the Advent Guide into your Christmas celebrations this year. 🙂



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