Advent Treasure Hunt!

Today is the first day to check off on your Advent Calendar!!! You may have seen my Advent Guide – if not, I’d love for you to check it out! I look forward to celebrating the Christmas season with my kiddos pretty much all year long, and typically start coming up with fun ideas in mid October. I always, however, end up working on my plans at the very last minute at the end of November. The Advent Guide helps me have a general plan already in place, and keeps me inspired to create a fun holiday atmosphere at my house each year.

This year we are doing clue hunt and I just spent about an hour (interrupted about a million times) coming up with some ridiculous rhymes for my older two to solve. I’m sharing them mostly just for fun, but also to encourage you to think about ways that you can create a fun holiday spirit at your house. These silly clues will be in our advent calendar and will lead them to the day’s Note. The Notes explain a little something about Christmas, God, Jesus, or some other faith based tidbit and may be accompanied by a small gift or surprise activity for the day. Check out our previous posts about Advent for more ideas!

So, here ya go! A list of silly rhyming clues for our Advent Calendar hunt this year!


  1. Decipher this clue if you are able, and find your first note under the __(table)____.


  1. A clue hunt is a very fun thing – to find your next note look under the __(swing)____.


  1. What could today’s note have in it? You’ll find out if you look in the living room _(cabinet)____.


  1. Hiding in a spot that is snug as a bug, today’s note is beneath the front hallway _(rug)_____.


  1. Today’s special note you don’t want to lose! Look in the cabinet where you keep your _(shoes)_____.


  1. When Barrett is poopy and smells really bad, we lay him down on his changing _(pad)______.


  1. If you play these alone it’s just not the same – go look in the cabinet where we keep the __(games)______.


  1. If someone sat on you, it would make you say ‘ouch!’ – It’s much better to sit on the big leather _(couch)___.


  1. Can you find today’s note? I think you can, maybe. Look in the spot where we dress our sweet _(baby)__.


  1. You’ll figure out this clue bc you are clever and smart. Go to the room where we do our _(art)____.


  1. When it is really cold outside, we wear super warm clothes. We put these things on whenever it _(snows)__.


  1. Without four-on-the-floor, you’ll get a stare – so don’t rock back and forth when you’re in this _(chair)__.


  1. This note you will find with one little look under the basket where we keep library __(books)____.


14. Are you done with this game, or would you like more? If you do, see what you’ll find on the back _(door)___.


  1. When Barrett’s clothes get dirty from a big diaper ‘fail,’ we put them into his new jungle __(pail)___.


  1. When Mommy is nursing it’s easy to find her, she’s usually sitting in the big brown __(recliner)____.


  1. Clue hunting isn’t as tough as you think – today’s note is waiting in Granmama’s bathroom __(sink)___.


  1. When you mail a letter you must use a stamp. When you light up a room, you turn on a __(lamp)____.


  1. A pillow is a great place to lay down your head, when you climb into your mom and dad’s __(bed)___.


  1. If you tend to get chilly, turn the heat up a smidge, bc today’s note can be found in the __(fridge)___!


  1. When you are dirty you must scrub-a-dub-dub, look for today’s note in the bathroom _(tub)___.


  1. Our dressers are all lined up in rows, in the big room where we wash all of our __(clothes)____.


  1. This is the last clue! It is Christmas Eve! Look where Santa leaves presents if you __(believe)____!


***Please disregard any poor grammar or spelling – or sentences that make no sense in this post. Our house is totally nuts tonight and I find it impossible to think with my new little human protesting the distance between us. 😉




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