About Us

BEINGmomME is designed to celebrate the delicate balance of motherhood and personhood.


It is an evolutionary process, with unending opportunities for character building and personal growth. The goal of the blog is to provide useful information related to topics we are learning about in daily life, a cathartic outlet for me,  and a source of vicarious amusement for you.


We have a lot of balls in the air at our house, learning about raising children as individuals with unique needs along with our continuing journey as adults – just trying to chart the waters. Our oldest two children have sensory processing disorders that create special challenges in their learning experiences. Our oldest son also has Tourette’s Syndrome, and is homeschooling because it is the best fit for his learning style. We have been homeschooling officially for about a year and a half, but have always created an environment of learning in our home.


Our daughter will be entering public school for kindergarten this year to satisfy her need to see what it’s all about. She seems unconcerned by her big brother’s quite traumatic adventure in kindergarten a few years ago, and we feel that everyone is different, so we are giving her the opportunity to check it out for herself. It could go either way, based on how her personality and sensory challenges manifest in that environment. In her developmental doctor’s words, her mixture of disorders is experienced much like ‘raging ADHD’ from the outside…so we are doing our best to get her in a class with a teacher who has a lot of patience. Like A LOT.


Our youngest son is expected this fall, and will mostly be learning how to be alive. 🙂


This website is a combination of information related to the various conditions we deal with at our house (Sensory Processing Disorders, Tourette’s Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia), reviews of products related to raising children or health and wellness (cloth diapers, nursing supplies, homeschooling supplies, special needs and EDS aids…), and general commentary on life being mommy, being me…BEINGmomME.