On Vaccinations

I’m all for parents making the best decisions they know how for their children- even when that flies in the face of what is commonly considered ‘the right thing’ to do. As a homeschooling parent who leans toward unconventional methods of unschooling, I incessantly face opposition from people who I’d much prefer to be supported by.

I also have a good number of people whom I love and respect who choose not to vaccinate, and want very much to support their right to make their own parenting choices.

That said- I’ll probably do everything I can to stay very far away from you and your children if you don’t vaccinate your little people. I support pediatricians who refuse to take on clients who aren’t vaccinated to protect the other children who are to young or unable to vaccinate.

I have one too young to vaccinate and I haven’t had the measles but I HAVE had encephalitis, and I would do absolutely anything in the world to keep my children from experiencing that.

I also don’t want them to get a ‘less intense’ version of the measles, which is possible even with the vaccine. I don’t want ME to get it either. If I get a cold I’m frequently laid up for 6 weeks and 75% of the time I end up in the ER. From a cold that most people don’t even notice they have or bother staying home with bc ‘it’s just a cold’ to them.

I just learned that one of our new friends has an illness that keeps her body from healing when she gets sick with anything- and a cold could actually kill her. She’s four. I didn’t ask, but she very well may not be able to be vaccinated bc of her illness. Many people can’t for one reason or another.

I know it must be frustrating to have other people not agree with your decisions with respect to vaccinations. I really do sympathize with you there…but could you please stay back about – oh- 600 to a thousand feet?